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Icaromenippus 3D want to thank Mr Papadopoulos for the interview!!!

Icaromenippus 3D’s interview in ET3 channel!

2 weeks ago…

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On Monday (5/3/2012) at 12 pm was scheduled to launch a kite with a camera on it to get some first pictures and look at the results you get. Although throughout the course of preparing the kite recorded video, as was desired, because of an error start taking pictures!

On Tuesday we edit the results, which were quite satisfactory and we managed to create a relief!

On Wednesday in school began the construction of Carbon Fiber. Having created a wax mold of the dimensions we wanted, initially stabilize and then began spreading in epoxy resin.

On Thurday, when polymerization is completed the casing came out of the mold.

Alongside all this, on Friday began the creation of the 3D prototype model!

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