The team of Icaromenippus 3D, which will represent Greece in the European CanSat Competition 2012, in Norway!

Posted: 20/04/2012 in Uncategorized
  1. George Kontellis:
    (Physics Teacher in 3dr General Lyceum of MytileneGreece overview and the contact and sponsoring program.)
  2. Michael Kapiotas:
    (Principal of 3rd General Lyceum of Mytilene overview the sponsoring program.)
  3. Ilias Psyroukis:
    (Software development, Outreach, Data Analysis, 3D mapping, 3D modeling)
  4. Ilias Theodoridis:
    (Team Leader, Structure/Electronics/Parachute/Software development)
  5. Giorgos Chatzellis:
    (Data analysis assistant, 3D modelling assistant, 3D mapping assistant)
  6. Efstratios Tsirtsis:
    (Software development, Data analysis, 3D modelling, 3D mapping)
  7. Efstratios Makris:
    (Telecommunications assistant, Parachuting assistant, Hardware Electronics assistant)
  8. Alexandros Alamanellis:
    (Structure, Hardware, Electronics, Parachute, Software assistant)
  9. Ioannis Myrsinias:
    (Structure/ Electronics/ Telecommunications/ Outreach assistant)
  10. Myrsini Svorou:
    (Parachute assistant, Telecommunications assistant, 3D mapping assistant, Structure assistant)
  1. Καλή επιτυχία !!!! και εύχομαι να βγείτε πρώτοι και να μας κάνετε περήφανους …..

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